November 28, 2010

New Vietnamese Lizards w Old Woolly Mammoths

Good evening! Thanksgiving break is over so I've returned to the lab (this blog.) ;p

Tonight there's no tale of woolly mammoth cloning to tell yet there is a related news story: a previously unknown sort of lizard has been discovered in Vietnam and it's self-cloning!

Hope scientists won't leave a known self-cloner alone in the lab with a woolly mammoth fossil, or worse...a mammoth skeleton. After all, you wouldn't want your woolly to get fancy ideas before his scientific debut.

Now how do you do feel about adding two new Odes to a Woolly Mammoth to your collection? As if!

Oh woolly mammoth rest assured
your reputation's stellar
but if you bother me i'll want
to keep you in the cellar.

Whenever woolly mammoths come
into a conversation
their DNA reconstituted
causes a sensation.

jc 2010

Thanks for dropping by, and do pass on a woolly mammoth link to your friends if you dare!

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