November 22, 2010

Odes to a Woolly Mammoth: genome sequencing

Do you know that Scientific American has information on the genetic sequencing of the woolly mammoth along with other of his data which I doubt he'd want posted on his FaceBook wall?

There's a cool photo of a mammoth skeleton there as well but the pic won't make the best avatar for Mr. Woolly Mammoth, I'm thinking, should he ever join FB. Perhaps someone could PhotoShop the image for him, the poor old sot!

Now since my work and blogging week will be shorter than usual thanks to the holiday, I'll post 2 more Odes to a Woolly Mammoth now while I have the chance so you won't miss me as much ;p when I'm out of town with family, chowing down on you-know-what (not a woolly mammoth roast or steak, of course. Why, even extra cranberry sauce couldn't disguise and make that palatable!)

So here we go in spite of all indications to the contrary...

To party with a woolly mammoth
would be quite a trick
if scientists can pull it off
they'll be a Nobel pick.

Geneticists are publishing
their woolly mammoth scoop
but who will take them for their walks
and clean up all their poop?

jc 2010

Wonder if poop-scooping for a resurrected woolly mammoth will one day qualify as a 'green job'?

If you're here in America I do hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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