November 21, 2010

The Uranian grooviness of Weird Science

Woot! Well, I am happy to report to you that the Woolly Mammoth Chronicles poll to your right, upper, is now adorned with a few readers' opinions! The tally shows that most people are partial to the 1st answer: Asleep as always, God willing.

Do you perchance agree?

My line of thought on the matter follows what Jeff Goldblum's character bespoke in
Jurassic Park: "Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

Troubles are often self-created, aren't they? And not stopping to think if one should do something shows a lack of respect for the boundaries of natural law. The blow back such a fire-stealer experiences by way of unintended consequences and vengeful reactions from others can be crippling.

Perhaps moral considerations about cloning really are the key though many scientists often disagree with such an assessment. For accepting such precepts would place limits upon their actions and research experiments. Mankind does have boundary issues on so many levels, doesn't he? And arrogance within certain ivory towers of academia and in the research juggernaut of an industry is demonstrated by strong egos and iron wills the world over.

Some tend to act as laws-unto-themselves so why not bring to life a dead prehistoric beast? Or at least create some wounded semblance of it, empty shell though its enlivened carcass may turn out to be.

If you speak astrologese, this branch of endeavor would be signified by the electrical planet Uranus with its techno vibes and creative genius implications. Of course, Saturn is another planet associated with scientific endeavors, for a container (Saturn = form; boundaries) is always needed into which Uranus' creative genius (Plato's Ideal) may be poured into life and being. It's the Angel's 'pouring' gesture immortalized in the stars of the constellation Aquarius as the Water Bearer teaches us by modeling the archetype how not to spill a drop of the precious spirit of life!

And now I am proud to bring this to your notice: Woolly Mammoth Chronicles has garnered its first-ever Follower which is fabulous encouragement when one is blogging into the cyber-void where hollow echoes are so often a blogger's only reply. Thanks, Donny!

Well, let's proceed to a glance at 3 of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth, okay? For when one Ode simply isn't enough, why not have yourself a little more?

No witch's spell can brew a clone
of woolly mammoth size
yet scientists may do just that
before our very eyes.

Don't fret you woolly mammoth you
stay sleeping in your cave
your time on Earth has long been past
though once you were a fave.

If woolly mammoths start to graze
upon your lawn so green
remember Science set them loose
like Doctor Frankenstein.

jc 2010

Now here's a link to a Science Daily article with a gaggle of links from recent years when woolly mammoth discoveries were happenin' fast. Several articles are linked in which we find that DNA was first sequenced in 2005; other notable milestones along the trail toward resurrecting the Big Guy back into the flux of space and time are included on an info-packed page.

Talk about feeling outdated and out of touch! Old Mammuthus primigenius 'resembles that remark' even as he haunts our collective dreams as a leviathan in his own inimitable way and reminding us of the Collective Unconscious and the mythology of Cetus the Whale.

Now the alpha star of Cetus is Menkar whose key phrase is a victim of the unconscious, a reference to the story of Jonah Swallowed Up and trapped for days in the Belly of the Whale. In other words, if you have something to say which must be said, it's late days so get thee busy!

Then there's eScienceNews which tells us more about the genome connection between elephants and mammoths, two behemoths who certainly look like first cousins to me!

Now I wonder if the first-ever mammoth to be successfully cloned will look around the lab and behave something like an indoor cat that suddenly finds itself outside and becomes totally disoriented and freaked out because its eyes can't focus on long distances that it isn't accustomed this what that 80s movie and song meant by Weird Science?

Probably not.

Presenting a video from the popular Music and Film of 1985: Oingo Boingo's classic, Weird Science! No hairy woollies were harmed in the making of this video to be sure, but the teased-out hairstyles fit our 'hairy woolly' criteria almost as well...hope you enjoy this 80s version of grooviness for it captures a certain test tube kind of vibe, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Could there be a little Pluto in there? As the planet of resurrection, it seems like it might play a part.

And I was only kidding about the petting zoo!

jude cowell said...

Yes, of course Pluto's resurrection-surgery vibe assists w the operation, Julie! And Mars has the scalpel. Didn't intend to lapse into astrologese in this post, it just happened!

So it was YOU choosing the petting zoo, hmm? Hilarious! Thanks for dropping in, Jude