November 21, 2010

Washington DC's Woolly Mammoth Theater!

Did you know that Washington DC, one of my previous cities of residence, sports the Woolly Mammoth Theater?

Well, perhaps you did. But I did not and considering that this is a brand new blog with news of, and odes written to, woolly mammoths everywhere, the theater's link fits nicely here!

So if genetic scientists are successful in cloning a woolly mammoth to walk the planet once again, will the big hairy fellow automatically receive a free ticket to attend a performance at the Woolly Mammoth Theater?

Certainly a matinee could be quite appropriate though several seats may be required, and annoying paparazzi might be determined to snap such a special guest.

For after all, the fabled woolly mammoth has his own Wiki bio if you wish to check out his credentials. Not every critter, extinct or otherwise, can boast that! Plus, if you click, you'll discover a link to the Wiki page of a Washington DC stoner metal band...and I suspect you can easily guess the band's name, right?

And now it's time for a second helping of one of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth:

To resurrect with DNA
a woolly mammoth snoot
will be a coup for scientists
both balding and hirsute.

jc 2010


Note: if you wish to read this blog's first-ever post, check the sidebar; you'll find five Odes to a Woolly Mammoth published therein (Nov 20, 2010.) And please take a mo to answer the Woolly Mammoth poll in the top right corner!



jude cowell said...

He's a noble looking fellow, isn't he? jc

Anonymous said...

'snoot' and 'hirsute'--you card!!

I was torn--my initial reaction to your poll was, 'In the ground'--after all, that's where nature put them!--but then I thought how delightful it would be to pet one--so fantasy overtook good sense with me, as always!

Congrats and much good luck with this new venture! jd