November 20, 2010

'Woolly Mammoth Chronicles' begins 11.20.10

Hello all you fabulous fans of the Woolly Mammoth!

Today, November 20, 2010, I am creating a new blog called Woolly Mammoth Chronicles in an attempt to keep up with news about mammoth fossils and their inherent possibilities as Science prepares to restore the woolly mammoth to life through DNA (and perhaps with a little impetus from Mary Shelly's Dr. Frankenstein as their muse.)

My Odes to a Woolly Mammoth will be featured as well for hopefully you may enjoy a bit of rhyme added to your woolly mammoth ponderings. And do leave a comment, if you wish, for your on-topic article links will be much appreciated here since one person cannot possibly keep up with all the happenin' mammoth news. Plus, do feel free to offer your own Ode or woolly mammoth verse, if inspired.

So yes, 'tis true: genetic scientists envision a woolly mammoth specimen coming back to life! Does this project excite you? Or perhaps, like me, you are horrified by the thought of a massive, disoriented, reconstituted wild animal stomping upon the earth again, a relic from man's prehistoric past, and thus giving us something else to worry about in our difficult New Millennial world.

Don't we have enough stompers already?

Why, just yesterday, news turned up on NPR that mammoth, mastodon, and bison fossils are being discovered in western Colorado, providing scientists with new vistas of the Ice Age in the Rockies to consider.

And back in 2003, CBS did a story on Japanese scientists' plans to 'clone prehistoric DNA' of bones found in the Siberian tundra in 2002 which may have been from woolly mammoths. They stated then that, "- it could take years to actually produce an animal."

No hurry, fellas! And all seemed well for a while...

But then, on November 20, 2008, a feature on CBS' 60 Minutes aired with a subsequent video from their website detailing mammoth hairballs with DNA intact in a story prophetically titled, Return of the Woolly Mammoth:

Here's a link to the January 7, 2010 60 Minutes report presented by Lesley Stahl.

Yes, scientists have been busily working on their genetically induced dream of restoring the ancient woolly mammoth to walk-about, and yet one thing is certain in 2010 and beyond: with polar ice caps melting, snow and ice could be in short supply for the Big Guy's deja-vu stroll upon our planet.

Methinks this mega-sized time traveler may be disappointed with his new digs!

So today, on the 2nd anniversary of the airing of the CBS piece, I hereby publish the first installment of Woolly Mammoth Chronicles with 5 Odes to a Woolly Mammoth to begin a record of my own worst fears, frets, and fantasies enmeshed within a silly brand of 'mammoth poetry'.

So if you're ready, let's begin our Odes to a Woolly Mammoth series with its poetic perspective which may hopefully soothe a few of my own (if not your own) woolly-mammoth-walks-again misgivings:

If woolly mammoths come again
i hope they stay in cages
they're much too wild to roam about
and chase me in their rages.

When woolly mammoths find new life
a party shall be thrown
their DNA will be renowned
for making such a clone.

A woolly mammoth in a zoo?
'twill bring a heavy sigh
i wish they wouldn't clone them
and let sleeping woollies lie.

i'm younger than i soon shall be
life's turned a lot of pages
if woolly mammoths rise again
they'll boast about their ages.

When Science has its way
a woolly mammoth will be cute
they'll use its DNA to clone
a hairy substitute!


There! I feel a smidge better already and hope you'll soon return to Woolly Mammoth Chronicles for more Odes, info, and news links concerning this exciting yet disturbing genetic project. Fair Warning: I've got an assortment of rhymes already composed just for a woolly mammoth fan such as yourself!

All Woolly Mammoth Odes herein are copyrighted by their author, Jude Cowell, 2010 and beyond. Links to any of them are much appreciated but do play nice with my creative content or who knows? A grumpy woolly mammoth clone may come and getcha!

Note: Ode #1 above has been previously published on Gather; all other Odes are and will be first-published to this blog, promise. jc ;p

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