December 30, 2010

Were Yukon's Woolly Mammoths Good Moms?

Recent woolly mammoth research indicates that woolly mammoths of the Yukon region babied their little woollies considerably longer than other species. Why, it's plum sweet, the coziness of it all! And of course, every mom of any species thinks her baby is as cute as a bunny button.

Well, aren't they?

Not as sweet or cute, however, may be this, your last installment of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth until after the dawning of the New Year 2011!

Revive a woolly mammoth?
it's an idea rather super
but who will muster courage up
to act as pooper-scooper?

jc 2010

Hope to see you on the other side of 2011 when I shall report on the results of this blog's Woolly Mammoth poll, upper right. jc

By then you may be interested in watching this:

December 28, 2010

Did vegetables kill the Neanderthal?

Of course not, silly! Broccoli is relatively harmless, squash never squashes anything, and most carrots are our BFF.

Yet to quote yesterday's BBC News report, "Researchers in the US have found grains of cooked plant material in their teeth."

That would be plant materials found in Neanderthal teeth, not between the researchers' moofies. (You can be so silly sometimes!) Therefore, the old major-meat-eating model for Neanderthals isn't as scientifically based as previously thought.

'Twas something of an erroneous assumption, turns out, so you may wish to read more about the new study at BBC News where you'll view an artistic portrait of a buff Neanderthal fellow pictured in all his hairy glory.

However, please do stop chomping your veggies long enough to get thee ready for the next Ode to a Woolly Mammoth so recently inspired by the new Vegan Neanderthal discovery:

Neanderthals are turning up
with veggies in their teeth
if woolly mammoths walk again
they're sure to share a beef.

jc 2010

Wishing Happy New Year to all you fans of the Neanderthal and devotees of the Woolly Mammoth...I drink a bubbly toast to you!


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December 24, 2010

On Kids' Books about Woolly Mammoths

Imagine my surprise when moseying about the Net to find a children's book about a bunch of woolly mammoths. The Little Pink Book of the Woolly Mammoth tells a tale of desperate mammoths and ice floes and...well, check out the very woolly adventure!

Yes, there may be more such books about woollies yet even so, I want to publish a Woolly Mammoth Chronicles book of poems and drawings. If it's managed, you'll see the book announced here for certain.

Plus, I am proud to announce that this blog has now garnered TWO Followers - woot! The lovely Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker has joined our woolly mammoth throng and though Anne is covered over with snow and ice at the moment (they're having a snowy Christmas 2010 across Europe), I hope she'll soon be thawed like an unfrozen caveman lawyer (SNL) and ready for the New Year.

So you may wish to check out the writings of both WMC's Followers (including Georgia author Donny Seagraves) by clicking on their Follow avatars in the sidebar. It is warmly recommended.

Oh! You were expecting one of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth, hmm? Well, since it's the Christmas season, it would be selfish of me not to grant you your wish...

i've no idea what woollies eat
just after being cloned
perhaps Thai take-out from a diner
scientists have phoned.

jc 2010

Okay, now I'm feelin' peckish for more sugar cookies and a swig o'eggnog...

December 23, 2010

Time to Celebrate! (while Woolly Mammoths sleep)

As of today, 81% of voters in this blog's woolly mammoth poll (sidebar, upper right) have been of the persuasion that the great woolly mammoth should stay sleeping, God willing. Yet there are 7 days left in which to vote so please register your opinion however and as you wish!

Also, you'll find a 'prosecute Julian Assange for treason?' poll in the sidebar of Stars Over Washington, if you desire to weigh in on this heated topic. Poll results will be blogged upon at the start of the New Year.

Well, today is December 23rd so 2010's Holiday Season has set in for good around WMC (until it's over in the New Year) so I'll simply publish a drawing and one of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth which expresses my personal misgivings over Science's potential mammoth cloning...and let that do for now:

The thought of woolly mammoths
makes my brain go all a-tingle
if they return i hope they wear
wide collars with a jingle.

jc 2010

Have a good one, Everyone! Jude

Celebrate!, a drawing by Jude Cowell.

December 17, 2010

LOE: cache of fossil treasures found in Colorado!

Ice Age Mastodons and Woolly Mammoths may be among the glorious throng of fossils found in Colorado which places Spring 2011's promise of easier and exciting excavations on the soon-to-do list!

(Click above to read or listen to this Dec 2010 Living On Earth feature.)

So how about one of my silly Odes to a Woolly Mammoth while you're about the place? Won't take but a mo...

Genetics of the woolly mammoth
may be quite exalted
but if they rise and run amok
proud Science will be faulted.

jc 2010

And that's the truth! ;p


Blog Note: there are only 11 days left in which to answer the Woolly Mammoth poll, upper right so please do weigh in on the cloning topic asap, if and as you wish! jc

Well, I'll be a cloned monkey's uncle! Or a tadpole

Do you know what the very first cloned animal was? 'Twas a little ole tadpole way back in 1952!

Why, you could've blown me over with a feather-duster when I saw that tidbit and remembered it vaguely for it occurred a little before my personal memory kicked in but I heard the news later in the 1950s and '60s, of course. Tad the Tadpole (not really his name, as far as I know) couldn't have had a very long life, could he?

His Frogginess may never have had a chance to savor the presented opportunity to know the sweet joy of hopping over swimming. This means that a major environmental stage of growth was skipped over during his physical development (rather callously, I might add) by Science feelin' its social-tinkering oats. And the unusual tadpole-cloning experiment was attempted quite early in the historical and scientific processes, too. Pioneering!

1952 and 1953 were years of Great Conjunction/s of Saturn (Science; traditional methods; tests) and inspired, creative Neptune, planet of the water the little tadpoles and froggies love to cavort in...and the universal muse behind our collectively shared 'urge to merge' with the Divine Source.

Well, in Memory of little Tad, below you'll find two Odes to a Woolly Mammoth to celebrate - not his death (or is it re-death?) - but Tad's life of service dedicated to the scientific community's race to stand in the place of God (as if!)

In fact, just yesterday I heard on NPR of a new book by astronomer and thinker Stephen Hawking and his assertion that God is no longer 'needed' to create the universe, or some such Scrooge-like attitude...right here at Christmas, too!

The article's poll concerning the matter is closed now so it's too late for me to vote to say Hawking is 'wrong'; therefore, I'm posting my opinion here to put it on record somewhere in the Universe...a vote for God's continued, never-wavering supremacy vs the echoes of pride, ego, and arrogance bouncing about within the noggin of one 'mad' scientist, hyper-intelligent though he be!

Incoming Odes have arrived...

i dreamed i saw a woolly mammoth
stomping down my street
the scientists who brought him back
had rinsed him to repeat.

One day we'll ride a woolly mammoth
hope he doesn't jerk us
he'll be an ace at doing tricks
performing in the circus.

jc 2010

You be good now, ya hear? Because Santa Claus is coming to town, as legend goes! Actually, tonight is December 17th and Santa's sleigh may have left the North Pole already!



Blog Note: a general Science Links list has just been added to this blog's sidebar but there's only one site listed so far (therefore, it's not a list yet!)

Already there is the Human Genome Project which I am not personally recommending at all, but just passing the link along for your consideration and convenience. jc


Update Dec 17, 2010 9:02 pm est: this bit probably belongs with a headline all its own, even on this gnat of a science-y/poem-y blog - anyway, today the Obama administration finally released its long-awaited touting of (the elusive concept of) scientific integrity.

Therefore, if anyone working in or helming endeavors of the various related scientific industries (along with the appropriate Washington politicians) can manage to find some o'that at this juncture, society would be much better served than it has been in the past, and 99% of the global population would be most appreciative if you'd quit monkeying with us, you little rascally, money-grabbing Frankensteins, you.

Thank You.

December 13, 2010

Of Quantum Cloning,Woolly Mammoths, and Queen

Woot! The University of Rochester has published an interesting page explaining quantum cloning if you're curious.

But if that's a bit dry for a Monday, perhaps you're curious to read two of last night's newly penned Odes to a Woolly Mammoth:

Old woolly mammoth had great size
though now he's rather thin
some fossils and a hank of hair
are all that's left of him.

i do not want a woolly mammoth
would not want to be one
if Science brings the creature back
excuse me while i flee one.

jc 2010
And now, since Dr. Frankenstein used lightening to 're-animate' his monster, here's a 2 1/2 minute video presentation of Vancouver fireworks during a lightening storm, July 2009, set to Queen's Who Wants to Live Forever?, a perfect sentiment for any extinct woolly mammoth who, though he rocked the Earth some 10,000 years ago, never asked to be brought back to life!

December 11, 2010

Two fresh 'Odes to a Woolly Mammoth'!

Now isn't this woolly-mammoth-elephant cloning project just about 10,000 years too late? I ask you.

And why would any self-respecting woolly mammoth of olden days want to kindle his deep desire to give new meaning to the phrases 'past life' and 'reincarnation'? Especially since our world is considerably hotter than when he left his.

Where's a good Ice Age Theme Park massive enough to accomodate a large and lonely, disoriented and GM'd woolly mammoth after he's brought back to life? Even woollies can become bored, y'know.

Oh well. This is where I sigh heavily and start typing two fresh Odes to a Woolly Mammoth for you. It's also the moment I advise you that a Woolly Mammoth Chronicles book is on the drafting's hoping I manage to take this project to its conclusion and that you like the result!

But first I must teach myself to draw a woolly mammoth in some sort of style of my own...

Reconstituting woolly mammoths
isn't very sage
who'd want them running all about
escaping from their cage?

The tundra where a mammoth roamed
was frozen and forbidden
and if i had my way their bones
would stay a secret hidden.

jc 2010

December 7, 2010

What's for din din? Nano-particled food!

(NaturalNews) – The scientific community has once again caught food-tampering fever. Recent reports indicate that food scientists are busy developing nanoparticle-modified (NM) food that could one day end up on your dinner plate — and you may never even know about it. By shifting around nanoparticles, food scientists say that fat-free foods can taste like full-fat foods, and they can be programmed to digest more slowly–two changes that some say may help reverse the obesity epidemic.

Read more... if it doesn't ruin your appetite.

Why, maybe some day, fake nano-particled, genetically modified food will help feed a ravenous, reconstituted woolly mammoth! Yet Science News isn't always good news, is it?

Even so, within these Woolly Mammoth Chronicles, Odes to a Woolly Mammoth just keep on keepin' is today's installment for you, a two-fer:

Oh wake thee not the woolly mammoth
sleeping as a fossil
though it might be a kick to pet
a creature so colossal!

Please don't return oh woolly mammoth
get your beauty rest
unless you want to be a freak
and world's worst dinner guest.

jc 2010

December 4, 2010

Dr Frankenstein and the Clone a Woolly Mammoth project

Enjoy Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, the trailer.

How long could I wait to post this? ;p

After all, if Mary Shelly's Dr. Frankenstein were alive today (pretend!), he'd probably be working in the forefront of the Clone a Woolly Mammoth project, don't you suppose?

Now here's a fresh Ode to a Woolly Mammoth to add to your scientific ponderings upon the matter:

When woolly mammoths used to roam
upon the earth so fertile
their super size required no diet
exercise or girdle.

jc 2010

You know, we're in the midst now of a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces and at Aries Point, a World Point of manifestation and recognition. Their cycle of conjunctions always brings scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, and time the writing and publication of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, the discovery of America, our walk on the Moon, the cloning of Dolly the Sheep, and other notable events of the exploration persuasion.

You see, Uranus is electricity and progressive, futuristic Science (as partially discussed in my last post) and Jupiter expands and broadens whatever it touches or conjoins. Archetypally, it has to do with Uranus and Prometheus from which we get the phrase, Promethean Science (see trailer, above.)

Dr. Frankenstein stole fire in the form of electricity and thereby crossed a natural boundary not reserved for mere mortal. Well, he learned his lesson, it seems, in film and in the original novel...Prometheus Unbound didn't stay unbound for very long and even the monster's considerable tap dancing and singing skills couldn't adapt him to modern society. Or, the other way round.

So is the dream of cloning a woolly mammoth as far-fetched as it seems?

Who can say...?

But a woolly tap dancing? We probably shouldn't expect to see that any time soon...


Further Reading: a great reference book on the Jupiter/Uranus cycle is my friend Anne Whitaker's Jupiter Meets Uranus.

Note: please answer the Woolly Mammoth poll, upper right...won't take you but two shakes of a cloned lamb's tail! jc

December 3, 2010

Mysterious ebola-like illness appears in Uganda

Well, it's very saddening news and a potential threat to the global community as well that an ebola-like illness has appeared in Uganda and is now spreading across province borders.

My prayers wing to the good people of Uganda.

Yet no, this is not the usual fare here on Woolly Mammoth Chronicles, is it? If you've previously flounced about this blog of scientific news and Odes to a Woolly Mammoth, you know that the dark side of cloning a woolly mammoth is usually the limit of morbidity around here.

But since I happened across this disturbing news item of how things are going in Uganda and had not known of the situation before, it seemed a decent idea to share it with both readers of this science-y/poem-y blog, so future-gazing as it purports itself to be.

Of course, this blog constantly finds itself grasping on to tradition and caution with all its claw nails, for fear of the successful cloning of an ancient relic of tremendous size and stink (and sure to be, shall we say...a clone will be totally disoriented in those first moments of feeling that surge of Frankensteinian Life Force rush into its membranes. Mammoth Cloning Success will be a milestone in Science when another natural boundary is arrogantly crossed (such as with the splitting of the atom)...another Rubicon Moment for certain, if Science has its out-of-bounds way.

But enough! It's time to add another Ode to a Woolly Mammoth to our collection, and please, if you may, take a mo to join in answering the Woolly Mammoth poll, upper right...thanks!

My Odes are written tongue in cheek
tho' really they're sincere
if Science brings the woolly back
we'll all have much to fear.

jc 2010


Astro-Note: the Frankensteinian Life Force referred to implicates, of course, electricity and lightening, both of which issue from the realm of planet Uranus (originally Ouronos, the sky god.) In Astrology, Uranus reflects creative genius and the gift of the Spark of Life from our Creator!

And so with expansive Jupiter soon to rejoin quirky Uranus in one of their Great Conjunctions, Science is currently ensconced within an amazing 'breakthrough' phase of development...uh oh!

Read more of my Astrology stuff but mostly of a political kind...

December 2, 2010

Axolotl meets Woolly Mammoth?

As Science sassily attempts to crack the code of the limb-and-organ-regenerating *axolotl and thus leak its genetic secrets for the future benefit of human health, our Woolly Mammoth Chronicles blog lumbers on, with two new Odes for sharing today.

Once again, my personal misgivings over the cloning of a woolly mammoth peek through:

Oh scientist please leave alone
the woolly mammoth gene
don't bring back monsters from the past
in case they're really mean.

Can woolly mammoths coexist
with people and their pets?
if Fido ends up in their tums
that's cozy as it gets.

jc 2010

*the axolotl is a salamander found in Mexico; click article link to view a brief video starring the yellow fellow in a role he was born to play!

December 1, 2010

Of (cloned) Mice and Mammoths

Perhaps you remember this from 2008: Cloning 'resurrects' long-dead mice yet if you're at all like me, you're already wondering what to do about the uncloned mice running about the planet!

Yes, sometimes, when the weather turns very cold, little mousies may creep in, looking for marshmallows to toast by a warm fire...

But suddenly, I envision a resurrected, frightened woolly mammoth jumping up on a chair because a mouse escaped from his cage, oh dear. I suspect that a woolly won't care if the mouse is cloned or not - and perhaps he'll prove more courageous than I think, right?

Okay, let's not quibble over mice and mammoths but get on with a new Ode to a Woolly Mammoth which is written just for you:

When woolly mammoths come to town
with thund'ring hooves upon the ground
'twill be a sight for eyes so sore
is THIS what DNA is for?

jc 2010

Dear Visitor: your opinion is valued here so please take a moment to answer my woolly mammoth poll, upper right. Thanks! jc