December 2, 2010

Axolotl meets Woolly Mammoth?

As Science sassily attempts to crack the code of the limb-and-organ-regenerating *axolotl and thus leak its genetic secrets for the future benefit of human health, our Woolly Mammoth Chronicles blog lumbers on, with two new Odes for sharing today.

Once again, my personal misgivings over the cloning of a woolly mammoth peek through:

Oh scientist please leave alone
the woolly mammoth gene
don't bring back monsters from the past
in case they're really mean.

Can woolly mammoths coexist
with people and their pets?
if Fido ends up in their tums
that's cozy as it gets.

jc 2010

*the axolotl is a salamander found in Mexico; click article link to view a brief video starring the yellow fellow in a role he was born to play!

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