December 28, 2010

Did vegetables kill the Neanderthal?

Of course not, silly! Broccoli is relatively harmless, squash never squashes anything, and most carrots are our BFF.

Yet to quote yesterday's BBC News report, "Researchers in the US have found grains of cooked plant material in their teeth."

That would be plant materials found in Neanderthal teeth, not between the researchers' moofies. (You can be so silly sometimes!) Therefore, the old major-meat-eating model for Neanderthals isn't as scientifically based as previously thought.

'Twas something of an erroneous assumption, turns out, so you may wish to read more about the new study at BBC News where you'll view an artistic portrait of a buff Neanderthal fellow pictured in all his hairy glory.

However, please do stop chomping your veggies long enough to get thee ready for the next Ode to a Woolly Mammoth so recently inspired by the new Vegan Neanderthal discovery:

Neanderthals are turning up
with veggies in their teeth
if woolly mammoths walk again
they're sure to share a beef.

jc 2010

Wishing Happy New Year to all you fans of the Neanderthal and devotees of the Woolly Mammoth...I drink a bubbly toast to you!


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