December 3, 2010

Mysterious ebola-like illness appears in Uganda

Well, it's very saddening news and a potential threat to the global community as well that an ebola-like illness has appeared in Uganda and is now spreading across province borders.

My prayers wing to the good people of Uganda.

Yet no, this is not the usual fare here on Woolly Mammoth Chronicles, is it? If you've previously flounced about this blog of scientific news and Odes to a Woolly Mammoth, you know that the dark side of cloning a woolly mammoth is usually the limit of morbidity around here.

But since I happened across this disturbing news item of how things are going in Uganda and had not known of the situation before, it seemed a decent idea to share it with both readers of this science-y/poem-y blog, so future-gazing as it purports itself to be.

Of course, this blog constantly finds itself grasping on to tradition and caution with all its claw nails, for fear of the successful cloning of an ancient relic of tremendous size and stink (and sure to be, shall we say...a clone will be totally disoriented in those first moments of feeling that surge of Frankensteinian Life Force rush into its membranes. Mammoth Cloning Success will be a milestone in Science when another natural boundary is arrogantly crossed (such as with the splitting of the atom)...another Rubicon Moment for certain, if Science has its out-of-bounds way.

But enough! It's time to add another Ode to a Woolly Mammoth to our collection, and please, if you may, take a mo to join in answering the Woolly Mammoth poll, upper right...thanks!

My Odes are written tongue in cheek
tho' really they're sincere
if Science brings the woolly back
we'll all have much to fear.

jc 2010


Astro-Note: the Frankensteinian Life Force referred to implicates, of course, electricity and lightening, both of which issue from the realm of planet Uranus (originally Ouronos, the sky god.) In Astrology, Uranus reflects creative genius and the gift of the Spark of Life from our Creator!

And so with expansive Jupiter soon to rejoin quirky Uranus in one of their Great Conjunctions, Science is currently ensconced within an amazing 'breakthrough' phase of development...uh oh!

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