December 1, 2010

Of (cloned) Mice and Mammoths

Perhaps you remember this from 2008: Cloning 'resurrects' long-dead mice yet if you're at all like me, you're already wondering what to do about the uncloned mice running about the planet!

Yes, sometimes, when the weather turns very cold, little mousies may creep in, looking for marshmallows to toast by a warm fire...

But suddenly, I envision a resurrected, frightened woolly mammoth jumping up on a chair because a mouse escaped from his cage, oh dear. I suspect that a woolly won't care if the mouse is cloned or not - and perhaps he'll prove more courageous than I think, right?

Okay, let's not quibble over mice and mammoths but get on with a new Ode to a Woolly Mammoth which is written just for you:

When woolly mammoths come to town
with thund'ring hooves upon the ground
'twill be a sight for eyes so sore
is THIS what DNA is for?

jc 2010

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