December 24, 2010

On Kids' Books about Woolly Mammoths

Imagine my surprise when moseying about the Net to find a children's book about a bunch of woolly mammoths. The Little Pink Book of the Woolly Mammoth tells a tale of desperate mammoths and ice floes and...well, check out the very woolly adventure!

Yes, there may be more such books about woollies yet even so, I want to publish a Woolly Mammoth Chronicles book of poems and drawings. If it's managed, you'll see the book announced here for certain.

Plus, I am proud to announce that this blog has now garnered TWO Followers - woot! The lovely Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker has joined our woolly mammoth throng and though Anne is covered over with snow and ice at the moment (they're having a snowy Christmas 2010 across Europe), I hope she'll soon be thawed like an unfrozen caveman lawyer (SNL) and ready for the New Year.

So you may wish to check out the writings of both WMC's Followers (including Georgia author Donny Seagraves) by clicking on their Follow avatars in the sidebar. It is warmly recommended.

Oh! You were expecting one of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth, hmm? Well, since it's the Christmas season, it would be selfish of me not to grant you your wish...

i've no idea what woollies eat
just after being cloned
perhaps Thai take-out from a diner
scientists have phoned.

jc 2010

Okay, now I'm feelin' peckish for more sugar cookies and a swig o'eggnog...

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