December 23, 2010

Time to Celebrate! (while Woolly Mammoths sleep)

As of today, 81% of voters in this blog's woolly mammoth poll (sidebar, upper right) have been of the persuasion that the great woolly mammoth should stay sleeping, God willing. Yet there are 7 days left in which to vote so please register your opinion however and as you wish!

Also, you'll find a 'prosecute Julian Assange for treason?' poll in the sidebar of Stars Over Washington, if you desire to weigh in on this heated topic. Poll results will be blogged upon at the start of the New Year.

Well, today is December 23rd so 2010's Holiday Season has set in for good around WMC (until it's over in the New Year) so I'll simply publish a drawing and one of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth which expresses my personal misgivings over Science's potential mammoth cloning...and let that do for now:

The thought of woolly mammoths
makes my brain go all a-tingle
if they return i hope they wear
wide collars with a jingle.

jc 2010

Have a good one, Everyone! Jude

Celebrate!, a drawing by Jude Cowell.


Syphax said...

I wouldn't mind seeing the Mammoth come back, and maybe even run things. No doubt they would be better than our current world leaders.

jude cowell said...

What a grand idea, Syphax!

World leaders su*k. jc