December 11, 2010

Two fresh 'Odes to a Woolly Mammoth'!

Now isn't this woolly-mammoth-elephant cloning project just about 10,000 years too late? I ask you.

And why would any self-respecting woolly mammoth of olden days want to kindle his deep desire to give new meaning to the phrases 'past life' and 'reincarnation'? Especially since our world is considerably hotter than when he left his.

Where's a good Ice Age Theme Park massive enough to accomodate a large and lonely, disoriented and GM'd woolly mammoth after he's brought back to life? Even woollies can become bored, y'know.

Oh well. This is where I sigh heavily and start typing two fresh Odes to a Woolly Mammoth for you. It's also the moment I advise you that a Woolly Mammoth Chronicles book is on the drafting's hoping I manage to take this project to its conclusion and that you like the result!

But first I must teach myself to draw a woolly mammoth in some sort of style of my own...

Reconstituting woolly mammoths
isn't very sage
who'd want them running all about
escaping from their cage?

The tundra where a mammoth roamed
was frozen and forbidden
and if i had my way their bones
would stay a secret hidden.

jc 2010

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jude cowell said...

Would you like to read a Woolly Mammoth Chronicle book, an 'Odes to a Woolly Mammoth' with original illustrations?

Honk, if so! Jude