December 17, 2010

Well, I'll be a cloned monkey's uncle! Or a tadpole

Do you know what the very first cloned animal was? 'Twas a little ole tadpole way back in 1952!

Why, you could've blown me over with a feather-duster when I saw that tidbit and remembered it vaguely for it occurred a little before my personal memory kicked in but I heard the news later in the 1950s and '60s, of course. Tad the Tadpole (not really his name, as far as I know) couldn't have had a very long life, could he?

His Frogginess may never have had a chance to savor the presented opportunity to know the sweet joy of hopping over swimming. This means that a major environmental stage of growth was skipped over during his physical development (rather callously, I might add) by Science feelin' its social-tinkering oats. And the unusual tadpole-cloning experiment was attempted quite early in the historical and scientific processes, too. Pioneering!

1952 and 1953 were years of Great Conjunction/s of Saturn (Science; traditional methods; tests) and inspired, creative Neptune, planet of the water the little tadpoles and froggies love to cavort in...and the universal muse behind our collectively shared 'urge to merge' with the Divine Source.

Well, in Memory of little Tad, below you'll find two Odes to a Woolly Mammoth to celebrate - not his death (or is it re-death?) - but Tad's life of service dedicated to the scientific community's race to stand in the place of God (as if!)

In fact, just yesterday I heard on NPR of a new book by astronomer and thinker Stephen Hawking and his assertion that God is no longer 'needed' to create the universe, or some such Scrooge-like attitude...right here at Christmas, too!

The article's poll concerning the matter is closed now so it's too late for me to vote to say Hawking is 'wrong'; therefore, I'm posting my opinion here to put it on record somewhere in the Universe...a vote for God's continued, never-wavering supremacy vs the echoes of pride, ego, and arrogance bouncing about within the noggin of one 'mad' scientist, hyper-intelligent though he be!

Incoming Odes have arrived...

i dreamed i saw a woolly mammoth
stomping down my street
the scientists who brought him back
had rinsed him to repeat.

One day we'll ride a woolly mammoth
hope he doesn't jerk us
he'll be an ace at doing tricks
performing in the circus.

jc 2010

You be good now, ya hear? Because Santa Claus is coming to town, as legend goes! Actually, tonight is December 17th and Santa's sleigh may have left the North Pole already!



Blog Note: a general Science Links list has just been added to this blog's sidebar but there's only one site listed so far (therefore, it's not a list yet!)

Already there is the Human Genome Project which I am not personally recommending at all, but just passing the link along for your consideration and convenience. jc


Update Dec 17, 2010 9:02 pm est: this bit probably belongs with a headline all its own, even on this gnat of a science-y/poem-y blog - anyway, today the Obama administration finally released its long-awaited touting of (the elusive concept of) scientific integrity.

Therefore, if anyone working in or helming endeavors of the various related scientific industries (along with the appropriate Washington politicians) can manage to find some o'that at this juncture, society would be much better served than it has been in the past, and 99% of the global population would be most appreciative if you'd quit monkeying with us, you little rascally, money-grabbing Frankensteins, you.

Thank You.

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