December 30, 2010

Were Yukon's Woolly Mammoths Good Moms?

Recent woolly mammoth research indicates that woolly mammoths of the Yukon region babied their little woollies considerably longer than other species. Why, it's plum sweet, the coziness of it all! And of course, every mom of any species thinks her baby is as cute as a bunny button.

Well, aren't they?

Not as sweet or cute, however, may be this, your last installment of my Odes to a Woolly Mammoth until after the dawning of the New Year 2011!

Revive a woolly mammoth?
it's an idea rather super
but who will muster courage up
to act as pooper-scooper?

jc 2010

Hope to see you on the other side of 2011 when I shall report on the results of this blog's Woolly Mammoth poll, upper right. jc

By then you may be interested in watching this:


jude cowell said...

You know, this video is so weird i can't believe no one has commented on it yet...i mean...LOOK at it! jc

jude cowell said...

uh oh - after i posted the 1st comment the National Geographic video disappeared...hope it comes back esp since it wasn't being harmed here at Woolly Mammoth Chronicles! jc