December 7, 2010

What's for din din? Nano-particled food!

(NaturalNews) – The scientific community has once again caught food-tampering fever. Recent reports indicate that food scientists are busy developing nanoparticle-modified (NM) food that could one day end up on your dinner plate — and you may never even know about it. By shifting around nanoparticles, food scientists say that fat-free foods can taste like full-fat foods, and they can be programmed to digest more slowly–two changes that some say may help reverse the obesity epidemic.

Read more... if it doesn't ruin your appetite.

Why, maybe some day, fake nano-particled, genetically modified food will help feed a ravenous, reconstituted woolly mammoth! Yet Science News isn't always good news, is it?

Even so, within these Woolly Mammoth Chronicles, Odes to a Woolly Mammoth just keep on keepin' is today's installment for you, a two-fer:

Oh wake thee not the woolly mammoth
sleeping as a fossil
though it might be a kick to pet
a creature so colossal!

Please don't return oh woolly mammoth
get your beauty rest
unless you want to be a freak
and world's worst dinner guest.

jc 2010

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