January 28, 2011

Weird Science? Cave of Huge Crystals found in Mexico!

Here is a photo-video showing the recent discovery of an amazing Cave of Crystals in Mexico. If you've never used crystals for healing purposes, they're worth exploring. Personally I like to keep amethyst, citrine, and quartz around, just in case, for if nothing else, they're helpful and soothing when used in massage therapies.

As you see, these crystals are mammoth-sized and may aid a cloned woolly's backache when he's returned to life with what's sure to be a major crick in his long-sleeping neck! Even so, you don't see an ancient woolly mammoth in the above video, 'tis true, but if you don't take evasive action and stop reading here, you'll soon discover one of my freshly minted Odes to a Woolly Mammoth:

The scent of woolly mammoth
may be like a heady musk
it's hard to say until they're here
all fuzzy hair and tusk.

jc 2011

So are there other Crystal Caves waiting to be discovered? As the Scriptures say, The Earth shall give up her treasures, y'all!


A Blog Heads-Up: if you're interested in the ongoing riots and protests in Egypt and don't mind a little Astrology through which to view the situation, check out my post today @ Stars Over Washington concerning the youth uprising and a crisis-ridden YOD pattern now formed in Egypt's Jan 2011 progressed horoscope (chart shown, along with both modern Egypt natal charts for 1922 and 1953.)

And if you don't speak astrologese, don't fret overmuch since my posts are always written in English. jc

January 25, 2011

Excited about Cloning a Woolly Mammoth?

Yes, these days the news rings far and wide that Japanese, Russian, and American scientists will be ready to clone a woolly mammoth in approximately five or six years.

That's certainly enough time for another Ode to a Woolly Mammoth!

If clones of mammoth float your boat
you won't much like the Odes i wrote
don't read them now for they are fretful
cloning woollies sounds quite dreadful.

jc 2011

Guess not everyone is excited by the prospect of an Ice Aged beast returning to life, escaping from the lab, and stomping about rose gardens while munching on neighborhood kitty cats and puppy dogs. Yet to be fair to the noble woolly mammoth, anyone would be starved for a quick meal after waking from a rigorous 10,000-year diet.

But if you feel fretful like me, you may also be interested in The Uranian grooviness of Weird Science, a post which contains three Odes for the price of...well, zero. This is a freebie blog! jc


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January 15, 2011

There's a Mammoths Dominate Society!

Quite a discovery has been made by this blogger today: the Mammoths Dominate Society! Its blog link has been added to the Woolly Mammoth Chronicles sidebar under 'Science Sites & Blogs' since my own frets and misgivings about woolly mammoth cloning need all the soothing and hopeful assessments they can get.

How grand to find another blog focused upon the ancient yet soon-returning Woolly Mammoth!

So in celebratory solidarity, how about a newly fretting Ode to a Woolly Mammoth now that most of our snow and ice shoveling has been accomplished here in the southeast?

So what shall woolly mammoths eat
tomatoes, cukes, and lettuce?
If ethics lead to such a fate
our hubris may beget us.

jc 2011

January 9, 2011

Poems of Woolly Mammoth frets

No Science News or links for you this post, just a freshly invented Ode to a Woolly Mammoth. You see, snow and sleet began to fall around 9:00 pm and they're predicting several inches here in northeast Georgia (near Athens.) And it's always the ice content that ends up damaging lines and disrupting our power supply so we'll see if we freeze under our blankets by morning.

Guess we'll know we're frozen by the icicles on our chins, if a blue nose doesn't wake us first!

Actually, it is morning...it's 12:42 am! So in case there's no electrical juice to transmit with over the next day or so, let's plow right in to a new Ode, shall we?

A poem simply can't contain
my woolly mammoth frets
and if they clone its DNA
that's big-a*s as it gets.

jc 2011

Let it snow!

(As long as the power stays on.)

Oh, and I hope you saw the TV premiere of The Cape on Sunday evening just past. I think I like it. And you?

January 5, 2011

How Do You Like Your Woolly Mammoth? results are in!

As you see to your right (until I remove it), your Woolly Mammoth poll results are in. The How Do You Like Your Woolly Mammoth? tallies are:

9 (75%) voted for "Asleep, as always", 2 (16%) voted "Cloned and resurrected" (really?), and 1 hardy soul (8%) went for "In a petting zoo."

Well done, you guys! However, no one voted for "Rare with a side of coleslaw" but it's undetermined whether it was the rare part or the coleslaw that put people off! Wonder if grilled woollies would taste like chicken? ;p

Now for my first Ode to a Woolly Mammoth of 2011 which I hope you will profit by just a little...

If Science plays with DNA
of woolly mammoth gene
the world will be amazed it's like
an Ice Age time machine!

jc 2011

Blog Note: you know I'm not only horrified by the thought of woolly mammoth cloning for I also have sad misgivings about the plethora of genetically modified foods which have not been test-driven - unless screwing with and manipulating our DNA and damaging our health is their goal.

Therefore, I have today added a new feed in WMC's sidebar of a website and movement: Millions Against Monsanto which displays as 'Organic Consumers Association News Headlines'. So if you are concerned because our bodies been infused with GM ingredients for years and want to do something about it, check out the website and consider becoming a David fighting the GM Goliath!

Wishing you much happiness in 2011, Jude