January 25, 2011

Excited about Cloning a Woolly Mammoth?

Yes, these days the news rings far and wide that Japanese, Russian, and American scientists will be ready to clone a woolly mammoth in approximately five or six years.

That's certainly enough time for another Ode to a Woolly Mammoth!

If clones of mammoth float your boat
you won't much like the Odes i wrote
don't read them now for they are fretful
cloning woollies sounds quite dreadful.

jc 2011

Guess not everyone is excited by the prospect of an Ice Aged beast returning to life, escaping from the lab, and stomping about rose gardens while munching on neighborhood kitty cats and puppy dogs. Yet to be fair to the noble woolly mammoth, anyone would be starved for a quick meal after waking from a rigorous 10,000-year diet.

But if you feel fretful like me, you may also be interested in The Uranian grooviness of Weird Science, a post which contains three Odes for the price of...well, zero. This is a freebie blog! jc


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