February 21, 2011

Cavort w a Prehistoric Fox? (Fantastic Mr Fox video)

A question everyone is asking: Was Prehistoric Man's Best Friend a Fox?

Well, if so, it's quite doubtful that prehistoric foxes of the oldest days were anywhere near as dapper, suave, or forward-looking as the leading fox in Fantastic Mr. Fox, one of my favorite films of 2009!

And you just know they didn't speak elegant French back then. Okay, so there was no French in prehistoric days. But the beautifully fluid Gallic language has been frozen in the aspic of the French Academy like an ant fossil mired in amber, mais oui? How Saturnian (restrictive, tryin' to keep it Old School) of them!

Now, before I visit upon you a new Ode to a Woolly Mammoth, would you enjoy a trailer from the groundbreaking film?

Now Stop Reading HERE or it's Woolly Mammoth Time for you...

A woolly mammoth has to be
asleep in perpetuity
no chance he'll clone
then lounge about
instead he'll trumpet
stomp and shout!

No rider safe to sit would be
in woolly mammoth livery
a household pet?
a circus act?
don't trust cloned woollies
that's a fact.

jc 2011

If you've read this far after being warned, you are quite incorrigible.


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Jude Cowell


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February 2, 2011

How Smart to Clone a Woolly Mammoth?

Do you know that genome hacking could reverse-engineer a woolly mammoth back to life?

Click? Yes, but beware: the article contains an artist's portrait of a woolly so personable that its charming visage may melt your heart...plus, a photo of a mammoth's hank of hair which to my eye closely favors "that thing on Donald Trump's head," as David Letterman often calls it.

Well, maybe it's just me but I don't think so!

Yet be that as it may or may not be, here's a brand new Ode to a Woolly Mammoth for you to consider. No, it won't melt your heart one iota but writing fussy Odes does much to express my many misgivings about the ultimate intelligence of cloning such a colossal creature from its Ice Age DNA into our Global Warming Age.

Brought back to life after 10,000 years, he's sure to be more than a little out-of-sync, y'know? And mega-grumpy and super-hungry, one imagines:

A sleeping pill for woolly mammoths
never has been needed
now Science wants to wake them up
all common sense unheeded.

jc 2011