March 28, 2011

A Woolly Mammoth in Fringe?

Fringe can be an amusing word, can't it? In the UK it refers to what we in America call, bangs (which is also an amusing word when used for hair) but these days, the word 'fringe' has an entertainment vibe, too.

In America 'Fringe' is the title of my favorite Sci-Fi TV series these last few years so here's a trailer from the program in case you wish to indulge yourself. Then, if you stick around long enough, you'll be subjected to a new Ode to a Woolly Mammoth because my fears of cloning an Ice Age mammoth are proving to be little abated during these Frankensteinian Days of nuclear reactors gone crazy and the threat of *flaring heat ensuing.

The investigation unit on Fringe deals with mysterious cases that relate to Fringe Science - which are Pseudo-Science topics like telepathy, teleportation, aliens of all varieties, odd diseases, and such. Not quite in the Clone a Woolly Mammoth category or part of the Weird Science realm where Frankenstein would hang out drinking fancy coffee drinks if he (had existed and) could be here with us now.

Something tells me Dr. Frankenstein would be all about cloning a woolly mammoth. Yes?

A woolly mammoth wearing fringe
might sound a bit absurd
but if his DNA is cloned
t'won't be the worst we've heard.

jc 2011


*Flaring heat is a basic influence of the Fixed Star Manubrium which was eclipsed by - what else? - the Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011 @ 13Cap38. Until June 1, 2011 (when another Solar Eclipse occurs, this one in Gemini), we remain in the 13N eclipse season; the 13 North Saros Series has the keywords: large ambitious group projects.)

Does this contain a vision of a global nuclear industry out of control after years of inspection lapses and falsifications and the group effort it is taking to try to quell the horror of radiation? A little plutonium won't hurt? It's the culmination factor, the build-up of toxins (we've been poisoned, my friends), plus the triggering of cells in those with conditions near-cancerous and radiation may quite easily set off disease in susceptible individuals or groups.

So thanks, nuclear industry. You designed, engineered, and positioned nuclear reactors atop TWO faultlines in Japan. Do you have similar plans for the ones on the California coast? Are you psychotic much?

Well, the current US-Europe-NATO-Arab Allies 'no-fly' incursion into Libya (aka, war) fills the bill for flaring heat as do the wild fires now burning in southeast Georgia and out West. Reader, you can probably think of other things heating up on the global menu as well. It isn't difficult these days, is it?

Synchronistically speaking, the crisis-critical 13th degree of Capricorn exactly opposes US natal Sun in Cancer with our Jupiter in Cancer (5:56) nearby, so right away something difficult was heralded in the New Year for our nation during the first half of 2011 and possibly beyond, for degrees can remain 'sensitized' for years, or perhaps forever, depending on the strength of the ecipse in question. Future planetary visits (transits) to that degree can then stimulate the effects of the eclipse all over again thus 'stretching out' the time frame of its influence and often bringing things to a culmination point.

President Obama - the Sun (the leader) in a national horoscope has been facing off against the forces which the 13N eclipse describes...As Above, So Below, yo. Oppositions in Astrology indicate awareness or relationship stand-offs (or both.)

Sadly, Japan's March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and resulting nuclear meltdown now ongoing are part of the flaring heat picture, plus, upheavals, uprisings, protests, rage, and violence may certainly come under that label as well which the world is experiencing across the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

Okay, I'll hush for now since the usual place where I write about this stuff is Stars Over Washington where I would be pleased to welcome you as a visitor any time you like! Jude

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