May 26, 2011

An Ancient Spider's 3D video!

Well, it's hard to resist embedding this video of an ancient spider in 3D yet hopefully scientists have no plan to resusitate such ancient arachnids by cloning their DNA as they do for woolly mammoths!

Oh dear. Now the spider poetry muse has landed, web and it feelin' itchy it here to you?

Yo! ancient spider in 3D
don't land upon my arm or knee
nor spin a web around my desk
you may be old but still a pest.

jc 2011

Now in a spirit of equal time for ancient creatures, this blog shall have a new Ode to a Woolly Mammoth for May 26, 2011...

If woolly mammoths run about
updating FaceBook pages
the rest of us shall scream and shout
avoiding all their rages!

jc 2011


A note concerning the above video: yes, the misspelling of 'yields' bugs me, too! jc

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