October 8, 2011

Human Embryo Cloning sparks an Ode to a Woolly Mammoth

Hello again!

As you've heard by now, it is being reported that researchers have made recent advances in the cloning of human embryos so may we infer that the cloning of a Woolly Mammoth cannot be far behind?

Well! What good would the return of such a beast to Earth do for mankind?

Unavoidably, this embryo-cloning news puts a bit of performance anxiety upon the ethereal wings of the Odes to a Woolly Mammoth fairy who, true to non-form, has now landed ever so lightly upon my fretsome shoulder...stop reading now or you'll very soon fall into bad poetry's brief yet mild gravitational field...

When woolly mammoths come to town
the animals will stand around
and not remember
when they're seen
a creature quite so big and mean.

jc 2011

Because if a woolly mammoth is ever awakened from his thousands-of-years sleep, he is sure to be a very very very grumpy customer, don't you think? Such a woolly may not play nice at all. Plus, what has he got to lose by stomping down the place?

Q: how many chains does a Science laboratory keep on-hand?

A: not enough to tether a grumpy woolly mammoth clone on his First Day Back. Of course, genetic scientists could simply end up with a three-eyed bag of bones or a pile of foul-smelling mush!

But I suspect they've already done that. jc


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