December 12, 2011

The Ghost in Your Genes (full video) and old Granny

The Ghost in Your Genes

A Documentary by BBC Horizon

Speaking of DNA and other fascinating topics, have you seen this BBC presentation before? Then if you wish, harken ye back to old Granny and Grampy, pour the cider-tinis, and relax for a spell...your ancestors' environments and events such as famine can trigger your health on a cellular level:


Around here, busy-ness abounds around the holidays so few verses have been penned of late by yours truly. But there is a brief new Ode (aka, Fret) about woolly mammoth cloning so you should know that you're about to read it if you don't stop now...

I hope I never see a mammoth
prancing on TV
plus if I get too close he may
just take a bite o'me.

jc 2011

Know what I mean?

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Jude Cowell said...

Copyright infringement abounds! Please pardon their bad selves!