December 6, 2012

Woolly Mammoth Tooth Found: a Rhyme Results!

Today is December 6, 2012 and it seems like an era has passed since I posted here on Woolly Mammoth Chronicles. A new baby in the house is one reason for my busy-ness and publishing articles and horoscopes to my Political Astrology blog is another.

Returning to WMC to find that some of the videos I embedded here have been removed due to "copyright infringement" grumps me up for it's not as if this blog is published for money-making purposes! Why, it's free publicity!! Yet of course it's understandable that entities who care primarily about their bottom lines have all the leeway in such decisions, right? Such is our overly materialistic society.

Yet I'm only tryin' to spread around the Woolly Mammoth cloning info!

Well, on the way here I did notice an article from September 2012 about a California crane operator finding a 10-inch long Woolly Mammoth tooth as he went about his excavation work!

Click to view a photo of said tooth and a gold nugget for I assume the image will remain accessible for public viewing for quite a while.

Now here's a silly rhyme inspired by the dental discovery if you dare read further though I won't blame you if you don''s really quite awful...

A woolly mammoth tooth's been found

no dentist on the scene

appointment time has come and gone

no flossing in between.

The teeth of woolly mammoths might

be more than we should meet

to clone may bite off way too much

while trampling under feet.

jc Dec 6, 2012

Wishing a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy New Year to All!

June 22, 2012

Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster (full 1976 film on video)

Well, it's been way too long since I had a chance to post here at WMC and I'm finding this related video of a 1976 documentary irresistible and must embed it right away. I actually remember seeing this vintage film with actor Peter Graves hosting years ago and though there are no Woolly Mammoths stomping about, you may enjoy a look at an Ice Age topic, elusive though its creature may be! It's kind of an Ice Age time machine to take you way-y-y-y back...

Could these creatures get along and be pals? Hmmm...not so fast....

If Woolly Mammoth came to meet

a creature with the Biggest Feet

perhaps a stomping he would put

upon the one they call Bigfoot!

copyright jude cowell 2012

Think I'll endeavor to miss their titanic match-up! How about you?


Blog Note: my being busy these days is due to a gargantuan attempt to put together and offer you my first-ever Political Astrology newsletter, Stars Over Washington Monthly. The first issue (July-August-September 2012) drops soon and you may keep up with such announcements and other political and astrological topics at Stars Over Washington if and as you wish!

My hearty Thanks to the excellent Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending along a heads-up on the Bigfoot video!

May 10, 2012

Those Stinky Dinosaurs! (Thom Hartmann video)

Yucky yuck yuck! Here's progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann reporting on the apparent environmental effects of excessive gas-passing which scientists say may have issued forth in abundance from the distended bellies of prehistoric dinosaurs.

My question: Even the veggie dinos? Then perhaps Beano would have proven useful!

As far as I know, there's no word yet from scientists concerning a similar Woolly Mammoth gaseous effect--but there is an Ode to a Woolly Mammoth meant for you--hope it doesn't foul up your day too much!

The wooliest mammoth wears fringe

when clubbing around on a binge

awakened from sludge

he may hold a grudge

exacting a stinky revenge!

Jude Cowell 2012


February 11, 2012

Live Woolly Mammoth crosses river--or does he? (video)

February 11, 2012 Athens, Georgia

Why did the Woolly cross the creek? To get caught in a blurry video!

Having not lurked about this blog of fretful Woolly Mammoth rhymes for a while, it is with a measure of gladness that I announce to you a fresh post to my page inspired by a newly written Ode and dedicated to my fellow Gatherers, past and present, who by happenstance may roam about one of my oldest homes on The Web, Gather!

Still, it's been so long since I posted to WMC that I am impelled to veer off and find a helping of fresh content so that the above link isn't all you have for your clicking effort today!

Now let's see what's out there in cyberland of a Science-y Mammoth-y nature...I'm typing this in real time, y'know and it's 4:10 pm est in Northeast Georgia...and here I go, scuttling off on a mission...)

Got it! How about this video taken in Siberia of an alleged Woolly Mammoth slowly crossing a stream. The animal favors a she bear with a fish in her mouth to me but as the video says...You Decide!