February 11, 2012

Live Woolly Mammoth crosses river--or does he? (video)

February 11, 2012 Athens, Georgia

Why did the Woolly cross the creek? To get caught in a blurry video!

Having not lurked about this blog of fretful Woolly Mammoth rhymes for a while, it is with a measure of gladness that I announce to you a fresh post to my Gather.com page inspired by a newly written Ode and dedicated to my fellow Gatherers, past and present, who by happenstance may roam about one of my oldest homes on The Web, Gather!

Still, it's been so long since I posted to WMC that I am impelled to veer off and find a helping of fresh content so that the above link isn't all you have for your clicking effort today!

Now let's see what's out there in cyberland of a Science-y Mammoth-y nature...I'm typing this in real time, y'know and it's 4:10 pm est in Northeast Georgia...and here I go, scuttling off on a mission...)

Got it! How about this video taken in Siberia of an alleged Woolly Mammoth slowly crossing a stream. The animal favors a she bear with a fish in her mouth to me but as the video says...You Decide!

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