May 10, 2012

Those Stinky Dinosaurs! (Thom Hartmann video)

Yucky yuck yuck! Here's progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann reporting on the apparent environmental effects of excessive gas-passing which scientists say may have issued forth in abundance from the distended bellies of prehistoric dinosaurs.

My question: Even the veggie dinos? Then perhaps Beano would have proven useful!

As far as I know, there's no word yet from scientists concerning a similar Woolly Mammoth gaseous effect--but there is an Ode to a Woolly Mammoth meant for you--hope it doesn't foul up your day too much!

The wooliest mammoth wears fringe

when clubbing around on a binge

awakened from sludge

he may hold a grudge

exacting a stinky revenge!

Jude Cowell 2012


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