April 19, 2013

If They Clone the Woolly Back

Another Poem of Woolly Mammoth Fret

by Jude Cowell

When Woolly Mammoth walked the earth

he was the latest thing

but if they clone a Woolly back

such stomping it will bring.

jc 4/19/13

The above (thankfully very brief) verse was composed on the spot just for you!

And little did I realize that a while back my Scottish friend, astrologer and author Anne Whitaker, wrote a lovely piece concerning this very blog including one of my quirkiest Mammoth frets (considering my extreme yet erstwhile silliness on this blog. Or am I serious?)

How very kind of her!

Now I have mentioned it on this blog previously but when it comes to pioneering Science and its major breakthroughs through history as described by the ancient system of Astrology, check out Anne's intriguing book Jupiter Meets Uranus available on Amazon for it also contains fascinating information on Mary Shelley and the writing of her Uranian masterpiece Prometheus Unbound, aka, Frankenstein!

So after composing the above verse, I then discovered a photo of a stuffed Woolly Mammoth toy and I must regretfully report to you that it has unfortunately triggered yet another fret for which I pre-apologize:

I'd rather hug a Mammoth toy

all plush and brown and tusky

than have to face one on my street

so strange and wild and husky.

jc 4/19/13


A Bit o'Science News: well, perhaps you'll be happier to hear about this than I am, but the sequencing of the Woolly Mammoth gene is complete and a clump of scientists have recently met in Washington DC to discuss cloning ancient species including the Woolly Mammoth.

Yet still I must wonder: have they really thought through the wisdom and safety of this project and who's going to feed, wash, comb, and diaper its bulk 24/7?