May 15, 2013

On Human Stem Cell Creation (plus, Dr Heinz Doofenschmirtz)

More Adventures in Cloning

by Jude Cowell

If you're fretfully uncertain about the wisdom of Science's whole cloning endeavor, here's a disturbing headline: Stem Cells Produced from Cloning Technique for First Time in which the journal Cell is cited for its report that human embryos which are copies of living people have been used to make stem cells.

An up-side is that this breakthrough sounds promising for curing disease, I suppose, but not so grand for the almost-human-beings who will remain in an embryonic state--or I suppose that they will--until their cells are 'harvested' for medical science's 'higher purpose'. Yet perhaps a few saucy Republicans will sponsor a bill to legally protect them so that they can inherit property and open bank accounts. I jest yet must wonder if embryos have no feeling sensations at all. Does anyone know or care?

Well, I must confess that the very idea makes me feel weird, sad for the human race, and...fretfully rhyme-ish:

An embryo of Mammoth size

from cloning we may face

but since they can no reason to

their hubris a disgrace.

Poor scientists! With abundant arrogance intact, they're attempting as mankind has tried before to build yet another Tower of Babel to reach heaven and pretend to be God. Suckas!!!

jc (c)2013

And yes, I know--this video will probably be removed soon but this is a freebie blog and I can't resist embedding clips of my favorite scientist of all, Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz. You are a devoted Phineas and Ferb fan, right?


Disclosure: the opinions and concerns expressed here are totally those of the author who frets over cloning of Woolly Mammoths and other Frankensteinian projects which if 'successful' may get completely out of hand; in no way do they reflect the views of google, blogger, or that of any hapless reader who accidentally wanders into this ode-filled blog of frets and misgivings. Thanks for reading! jc

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