June 19, 2014

Newly Found Dinosaur Named After Roman God

In Astrology, Mercury Loves New Discoveries, Ideas, and Teaching Science

With Science's nod to the Roman god Mercury and the wings on his/her mythological helmet, an aptly-named new dinosaur, the Mercuriceratops gemini, has been discovered--or rather its fossils have turned up in Montana and Canada.

Are those happy cheers I hear from little children, those dinosaur fans we all love to encourage? Apparently so for we have a two-year-old dinosaur fanatic running around here some place!

But thankfully no cloned Woolly Mammoths are on the scene...yet.

Oh Woolly Mammoth stay away

as long as you desire

your cloning seems a bad idea

like tossing fat to fire!

(c)jude cowell june 19, 2014

April 22, 2014

Scientists to 'edit' our DNA--a poem results

Some amazing yet disturbing news from the Realm of Genetics is announced:

Revealed: Scientists 'edit' DNA to correct adult genes and cure disease.

And here is one rhymish reaction from yours truly which may just be groan worthy enough for you--I know it is for me:

They work to edit DNA

and find out how we got that way

our deepest flaws they shall reveal

man's very nature they will steal.

(c) jc april 22, 2014

Is editing DNA a positive outcome of genetic research? Possibly. Yet who now can imagine what entities will eventually end up in possession such an awesome ability?

March 3, 2014

"Hunting for Siberian Mammoths"--full doc on video

This 51-minute video details mammoth hunting and ivory collection in Siberia:

Well, Woolly Mammoths aren't using their tusks at all these days. Why not profit? say ivory hunters. Uh oh. I feel a substandard limerick coming on...

Hunting mammoths for their tusks

may not satisfy a lust

but for Science mixed with greed

we'll snag all the tusks we need.

jc march 3, 2014 (c)

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