June 13, 2015

June 2015: Woolly Mammoth News Inspires a 2-Line Verse

Woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) - Mauricio Antón

By Mauricio Antón [Creative Commons License 2.5] via Wikimedia Commons

June 13, 2015: By now you know that in early 2011, Japanese scientists announced their determination to clone a Woolly Mammoth back to life within 5 years (2016). Meanwhile in the US, a first step has been taken by Harvard geneticist George Church and his colleagues: Woolly Mammoth DNA Inserted into Elephant Cells though they say that much work lies ahead before we see cloned mammoths prancing about or living as captives in some freakish Extinct Animal Zoo.

Why, only two days ago, BBC News published a piece that attempted to explain Why scientists want to bring back woolly mammoths though for me, 'because it would be cool' does not suffice as an answer. Yes, children would get a kick out of it which could jump start or increase their fascination with Science and Genetics but the kick could turn out to be a bit more dangerous than paying closer attention during biology class.

So apparently, the premiere of another Jurassic Park film is spurring popular interest in such extinct animals and you may wish to read People Magazine's The Ethics of Jurassic World: Scientists Debate the Real-Life Possibility of Bringing Back the Woolly Mammoth. You'll remember the stand-out line delivered by actor Jeff Goldblum in the first Jurassic Park film which forms a partial basis for my creation of this very blog: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

Now to close, here's the very brief and hopefully painless 2-line verse that popped into my head as I considered the latest news nuggets concerning the cloning--the de-extinction--of a you-know-what:

A bulky Woolly Mammoth may return to Earth one day

If it escapes we'll be inclined to scream and run away.

At least I know I will. How about you?

Copyright: jude cowell 2015