April 27, 2016

Woolly Mammoth Cloning Closer Than Ever!

With the cloning of a "gentle giant" Woolly Mammoth creeping closer to reality thanks to genome sequencing, the opinion of a University of Chicago scientist precisely echoes my own thoughts about the project:

"It won't be that long till we're technically able to do it, but whether we should is a different question," Lynch told Live Science, referring to cloning a mammoth. "I don't think we should."

Amen. A man of wisdom!

Read the 'weird science' article from 2015 published by NBC News or check it out at Live Science.

And now, this...

To use the skin of Woolly Mammoth

may seem quite a coup

when cloning such a massive beast

enjoy the piles of poo!

Jude Cowell 2016; copyright by author

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