March 3, 2017

Scientists Really Really Want to Clone a Woolly Mammoth!

Two teams of scientists are working on the project to bring back the Woolly Mammoth, one using DNA splicing and the other cloning. And if you're read this blog of science poems before this minute you know that yours truly is greatly discomfited by the thought of The Return of the Woolly Mammoth. After all, their first reign upon the Earth wasn't stellar or in any way spectacular, was it?

And it seems they even suffered from acid reflux! Now who would want to return from pre-History's grave yard just to enjoy a bunch of tummy aches?

Well, read up on how the Woolly reconstitution project is going if you must. Personally, I'd rather write a new verse in honor of large, extinct stinky mammals while reminding you, dear reader, to please answer the Woolly Mammoth Poll at the top of the sidebar to your right! Multiple answers are allowed as well as your better ideas-->

Now here's the bad poem of the day:

They cloned a Woolly Mammoth though a no-no was in store

with all the trouble that implies and then they cloned some more

but that big Woolly was a mess with nose atop his head

and eyes that looked askance at everything the doctor said

On Woolly you are quite a coup to bring back from the past

in spite of all the neigh-sayers you've come to us at last

now with a stomp of your left foot we run before your wrath

if only we had turned before we took the wayward path.

JC 2017

Don't do it!

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