June 27, 2017

Bizarre Ice Age mammal now categorized with horses and rhinos

Now here's some Science News of a mystery solved: Scientists recover ancient DNA from a bizarre Ice Age mammal that stumped Darwin "180 years after it was first found by the naturalist." At last! Maybe the beast can rest in peace now that his relation to horses and rhinos has been revealed thanks to a DNA specimen discovered in Chile.

Here's an artists' rendition of the charmer now (you're welcome!):

Image: Robert Bruce Horsfall [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

And for those who are so inclined, a peek at the natal horoscope of Charles Darwin (though it's rated DD for 'Dirty Data'/conflicted or unverified; February 12, 1809 3:00 am LMT Shrewsbury) may be of interest in light of the above-linked article mentioning his name and his work. A planet currently in contact with two of his natal planets, Mercury (9Pis43) and Pluto (13Pis36) is gaseous Neptune, strong these days floating through its own sign of Pisces.

With transit Neptune recently billowing all over his natal Mercury (though processes, ideas, communication style) the information he disseminated and his methods are affected either positively or negatively. His inability to grasp correct information about this bizarre mammal is what is spotlighted here. Transit Neptune contacting natal Pluto by conjunction indicates that some of his power is dissolved or catalyzed, here by a deeper knowledge of the mammal Darwin discovered in 1834 but, as the article says, was "stumped" by. This also suggests an amount of confusion or a lack of clarity, some of Neptune's favorite effects.

Darwin's natal Mercury-Pluto conjunction describes his ability for deep, concentrated thought and study, and a tendency to look for hidden meaning in obscure details and ancient relics such as fossils. Curious to a fault, he may have gone to extremes in gathering information and tended to vehemently defend his views and findings. Work tendencies leaned toward exploration, research, chemistry, pathology, crime detection, and/or surgery (vivisection?)

In addition, Darwin's Mercury-Pluto suggests that he was something of an anarchist and Mr. Darwin may also have entertained an interest in the occult. A lifelong weakness in the intestinal area may be seen by Saturn and Neptune rising at his Ascendant (physical body--if his natal data is accurate; Saturn-Neptune = ill people; chronic illness) and eventually played a part in his demise on April 19, 1882 at the age of 73.

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